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Experience the highest quality bathroom and kitchen remodels.

Astoria Home Renovations

Experience the exceptional craftsmanship of our family-owned construction business, dedicated to elevating your home with stunning kitchen and bathroom remodels, complemented by expert electrical and plumbing upgrades. Trust us to bring your vision to life and create a space you’ll love.

Our Services


Elevate your kitchen with our expert remodeling services, combining style, functionality, and elegance.


Revitalize your bathroom with our top-tier remodeling services, seamlessly merging aesthetics, practicality, and opulence.


Energize your space with our expert electrical services, catering to apartments and construction projects alike.


Upgrade your home renovation with our comprehensive plumbing services, ensuring a seamless and efficient plumbing system for your project.

What Makes Us Different?

Quality Craftmanship

High-quality renovations that meet or exceed customer expectations help build a strong reputation.

Customer satisfaction

We provide excellent customer service, clear communication, and address any concerns promptly and effectively creating a positive experience for our clients.

Innovative design and creativity

We offer innovative design concepts and creative solutions allows us to bring fresh ideas and unique approaches to home renovations.

Licensed & Insured

We hold the necessary licenses, insurance coverage, and relevant certifications that ensure our customers confidence.

What Our Clients Say

"Absolutely thrilled with the transformation of my kitchen and bathroom—the attention to detail, quality of work, and seamless execution exceeded my expectations!"
MAtthew summers
"Incredible job on my kitchen and bathroom remodels—Astoria Home Renovations brought my vision to life with their expert craftsmanship and exceptional design expertise."
michael liriano
"From start to finish, the team at Astoria Home Renovations provided exceptional service and delivered stunning results in my kitchen and bathroom renovations—truly top-notch work!"
Thomas Spado

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